Saturday, May 12, 2012

Deep Space Nine Haiku Project: Season One

1x01+02 Emissary
Cardassians leave; holy shit, a wormhole; Ben isn't linear.

1x03 Past Prologue
Duras sisters aid a Bajoran terrorist; oh, hello Garak!

1x04 A Man Alone
Odo killed a guy; oh wait, no he didn't; Philip K Dick approves.

1x05 Babel
Paralalia; fridge devolve glue method leak? Thank God there's a cure.

1x06 Captive Pursuit
I am Tosk; I live the greatest adventure. Hey, O'Brien gets it.

1x07 Q-Less
Wait, did Ben just punch Q the fuck out? Holy shit! Half-Prophet, indeed!

1x08 Dax
I really don't like Jadzia; wooden acting can't be saved by plot.

1x09 The Passenger
Also, I don't like Bashir that much; same deal, but substitute hamming.

1x10 Move Along Home
Quark is in his realm! Gambling, risk, and profit! Oh, but it's just a game.

1x11 The Nagus
The acting is great here; revealing Zek can speak at the end is tops.

1x12 Vortex
Odo gets a clue to his origins; might be the first series kills.

1x13 Battle Lines
Hey, Opaka's back! Except not, we're just writing her character out.

1x14 The Storyteller
Bashir/O'Brien friendship finds its fledgling roots; "Let's really focus!"

1x15 Progress
I secretly wish Mullibok would return and get his own spin-off.

1x16 If Wishes Were Horses
This was going to have a leprechaun in it? God damn that is racist.

1x17 The Forsaken
Oh, Lwaxana Troi; that always means a good time for the audience.

1x18 Dramatis Personae
The scene with Odo's head collapsing on itself still haunts my nightmares.

1x19 Duet
Kira gets a foe worthy of her hate (and trust). A true joy to watch.

1x20 In the Hands of the Prophets
Get ready for so many episodes where you'll be hating Kai Winn.